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Camp Wakonda provides children with impactful educational experiences that enable students to connect with and gain respect for their community, their education, and the natural world. Over 100 acres nestled in the Ozark Mountains provides the setting for outdoor classroom experiences students will never forget. Our first-class facilities are designed to ensure our guests a comfortable experience while facilitating relationships that bring school communities closer together. Heated cabins serve as home base and provide an environment as engaging as the activities that will take place in them. Eat hearty meals in our spacious dining hall with accommodations for up to 120. Join us as our highly trained staff leads you through a one of a kind experience that will have your classroom and community raving.

Camp Wakonda Outdoor Education experiences are more than just fun field trips. Each program is designed to seamlessly integrate with your curriculum by meeting state educational standards for every grade level we serve. We create unforgettable experiences in our natural, outdoor classroom, and our talented, highly trained staff members will help you and your school meet the goals of both your classroom and your administration. Harness the power of hands-on, experiential learning and bring your curriculum to life.

For more information please contact

Myra Cassady at (417) 709-1995 

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